Isola di Pianosa

Pianosa Island

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The small island of Pianosa is rich in history and archaeology and deserves a special visit. Humans have in fact chosen to settle here since prehistoric times, building impressive monuments such as catacombs and senatorial villas

Isola di Capraia, Comune di Capraia Isola

Capraia: The Zenobito Circular Trail

This circular route, which allows you to explore the central-southern area of the island of Capraia, is one of the most fascinating and challenging itineraries in the Tuscan Archipelago.

Punta Calamita, veduta delle Miniere, Comune di Capoliveri

Discovering the Ferrous Lands


This itinerary, one of the most beautiful and panoramic in the municipality of Capoliveri, is an easy walk with no difficult gradients, which provides views of the entire coastline of the promontory.

Veduta della Villa romana dei Domizi Enobarbi, Isola di Giannutri

Itinerario di Giannutri


Giannutri is the “archaeological island” par excellence of the Tuscan Archipelago. The large Roman villa owned by the Domizi Enobarbi family occupies a large area of the north-eastern part of the island, with sprawling terraces which lead down to the sea.


The Granite Paths

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The route, which is particularly interesting from a historical and archaeological point of view, runs along the south-eastern slopes of Monte Capanne. In this area there are several ancient granite artefacts and prehistoric sites, which can be seen from the path network.