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Open Air Museum Italo Bolano

The Italo Bolano Open Air Museum is a contemporary art park where public and artists can meet, surrounded by the wonderful Mediterranean flora.

Point of Interest

Medici Fortresses


A walk through the magnificent architectural complex designed to defend the town by Cosimo de’ Medici is a unique experience, revealing charming hidden corners and views of all kinds over the town of Portoferraio.

Palazzina dei Mulini, Comune di Portoferraio
Napoleonic Places

Mill Building

Set in a high quality historical and environmental context with its two sites, the museum aims to preserve the memory of Napoleon Bonaparte’s stay on the island.

Museo residenza napoleonica villa di San Martino, Isola d'Elba, polo museale della Toscana
Napoleonic Places

Villa of San Martin

The majestic neoclassical architecture that greets the visitor is due to Count Anatolio Demidoff, husband of Napoleon’s niece Matilde di Monfort, who purchased the villa in 1851, planning to build a large museum to house his collection of Napoleonic relics.

Santuario del Monserrato, Comune di Porto Azzurro
Point of Interest

Sanctuary of Monserrato


A sanctuary of Spanish origin that will fascinate you with its many stories to tell. Recently restored, the festival of the Madonna di Monserrato is celebrated here on 8 September.

Giannutri isola, veduta della villa romana
Archeological Area

The Villa of Giannutri


Giannutri, off the mass tourism trail, has been prized since ancient times as an ideal place for relaxation. One of the most scenic maritime villas in the whole archipelago.