Franco Franchini Rio Park House

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Franco Franchini Rio Park House


- From 2 April to 29 May:
Friday and Saturday 10:00-13:00 / 16:00- 19:00; Sunday 10:00-13:00
- From 1 to 30 June and from 1 to 15 September: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:00; Sunday 10:00-13:00
- From 1 July to 31 August:
Tuesday 16:00-20:00;
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:00;
Sunday 10:00-13:00
- From 6 September to 31 October: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00-13:00 / 16:00 -19:00; Sunday 10:00-13:00


Rio nell'Elba


Tel. 0565 943399

A visitor centre and information point in an exceptional location in the centre of the village of Rio, where visitors can explore the history of the eastern side of Elba.

The Casa del Parco, an old washhouse, is located near the historic centre of Rio nell’Elba in the area known as “i Canali” and has an internal surface area of about 65 square metres.
It is a reference point and visitor centre for the Tuscan Archipelago National Park which focuses on the characteristics of the eastern side of Elba, with its mining traditions.

The centre is divided into two areas, one area is dedicated to visitor services, offering information material and brochures of the National Park, while the other area offers a circular showcase projecting thematic films and two computers with interactive programs on the nearby Valle dei Mulini.

There is also a collection of minerals, allowing visitors to examine the main minerals found on the island of Elba, which have been extracted by miners for many generations.
Outside the Casa del Parco are the new wash houses (1907), where the water that flows from the nearby spring crosses the building longitudinally in a concrete basin, then flows out into the trench that gives rise to the Valle dei Mulini.

In 2009 it was decided to name the Park House in Rio nell’Elba after Franco Franchini, who died before his time on 9 May 2008. The Park wanted to remember the humility, dedication and passion which shone through all his public and political activities, as well as his dedication to the creation of the Park.

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