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Comune di Marciana
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Leave behind the heat of the beaches and the summer crowds, and venture into an enchanting area characterised by a relaxed pace of life, closely linked to the ancient history and culture of Elba.

The municipality of Marciana extends along the slopes of Monte Capanne and occupies the north-western part of the island. It is an area characterised by lush, untouched nature, which softens as you near the coast. The presence of hills provides shelter from the summer heat, while sea breezes can be enjoyed from the rocky coasts, dotted with inlets.
The community of Marciana has existed since the thirteenth century and, during the Middle Ages, it was one of ten Elban municipalities ruled by the government of Pisa. From 1399, the town was annexed to the state of Piombino and remained so until 1802, when the whole of Elba became French territory.
In 1884 the seaside village of Marina di Marciana split from Marciana and in 1894 then further separated from Marina di Campo.

Marciana, veduta dal Monte Capanne

When you visit Marciana you can relax and enjoy an “old-fashioned” way of life. This relaxed, stress-free lifestyle, in harmony with nature, has contributed to the record longevity of the people of Marciana.
The ancient village of Marciana is situated at an altitude of 375 metres above sea level, on the slopes of Monte Capanne. It is one of the oldest villages on Elba and is rich in historical and archaeological value. The village’s medieval background can be easily understood from the medieval entrance gates and the narrow, stepped streets filled with plants and flowers.
Of particular interest in Marciana are the numerous historical sights and museums including the Pisan Fortress, the Numismatic Museum, and the Archaeological Museum containing historical finds from the area.
Also of cultural interest is the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte, the most important place of worship in the area, which can be reached on foot from the village by an ancient path which crosses the chestnut wood and the Hermitage of San Cerbone.
On the Marcianesi mountains there are examples of protohistoric settlements, while some of the most important Roman shipwrecks in Italy have been found just off the coast. Evidence of ancient pastoral activities can also be found in the numerous goat pens scattered along the paths and woods of the territory.
The municipality of Marciana boasts an incredible variety of beautiful beaches: from those with a rugged, wild charm, located in the western part of the municipality in front of Corsica, such as Chiessi, Patresi, Pomonte and Sant’Andrea, and those offering visitor facilities, located in the Gulf of Procchio.

The Museum System in Marciana

Park visitors’ centres

Marciana Park House

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Point of Interest Fortezza Pisana, Marciana

Pisan Fortress

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Museums Museo della Zecca di Marciana

The Marciana Mint

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