Napoleonic Places

In Napoleon’s footsteps on the Island and Elba: villas and museums with links to the Emperor.

The short time which Napoleon Bonaparte spent on the Island of Elba made an indelible mark on its history.

The first Emperor of France remained in exile on the island from 4 May 1814 to 27 February 1815. During this exile of almost a year, Napoleon studied the local resources, reorganised the island’s agriculture, transport and trade, and even designed the Elban flag: white with golden bees on a red stripe.

Today the story of Napoleon on the island can be traced by visiting the many places where the signs of his passing are still conserved intact: from the sumptuous villas to the theatre and the woodland chapels.

I Napoleonic Places dell'Arcipelago

Napoleonic Places Palazzina dei Mulini, Comune di Portoferraio
Napoleonic Places Museo residenza napoleonica villa di San Martino, Isola d'Elba, polo museale della Toscana
Napoleonic Places Il Teatro dei Vigilanti Renato Cioni, Portoferraio