Elba Island


Comune di Capoliveri
Viale Australia, n° 157031 Capoliveri (LI)
Tel. 0565/967611 Fax 0565/968060
P.IVA 01377480494 – C.F. 82002200499

Caput Liberum
Piazza del Cavatore n°157031 Capoliveri (LI)
Tel. +39 0565 935135 / Fax. +39 0565 967343
P.I. 01425010491

An enchanted place where stories of fierce pirates intertwine with those of the mines and the many colours that this area offers. Splendid landscapes, ideal for outdoor activities, but also nature and folklore which will fascinate all visitors.

The small town of Capoliveri is perched on a hill 167 metres above sea level. In the past it was renowned for its agriculture and mining, but today it is one of the most characteristic villages on Elba, rich in charm and history.
Already known in Roman times as Caput Liberum, Capoliveri is today a quiet village with ancient roots, which offers spectacular views over the sea. The town still retains the appearance of a medieval village with its narrow, picturesque arched alleyways known as “chiassi”, which are full of craft shops and cafes to enjoy a typical dish or a good glass of wine. In the Middle Ages the town was fortified by the Pisans to defend it from the constant attacks of the bloody Saracen pirates. The town suffered badly in attacks by Khayr al-Din Barbarossa and Dragut during the 16th century.

Punta Calamita, veduta delle Miniere, Comune di Capoliveri

The town lies on the edge of a vast mining district, a place of blood, sweat and tears, where wild nature merges with the historical identity of the island.
The vast area of the Calamita Mines offers many hiking trails, where you can set off on adventures to discover the island’s rich mining heritage. Cyclists can also enjoy exploring the Capoliveri Bike Park trails.
In the town centre, below Piazza Matteotti, visitors can visit the Maritime Museum, a small jewel which houses the remains of the steamship Polluce, which sank in 1841 off the coast of Capo Calvo.
The entire coastline is particularly beautiful, characterised by a multitude of inlets and small bays enveloped by the unmistakable beauty and scent of Mediterranean vegetation. Of particular notes are the coves of Morcone, Pareti and Innamorata, once small fishing villages which have now been transformed into renowned holiday resorts, the quiet beaches of Naregno, Madonna delle Grazie, Felciaio, Norsi, the wild Remaiolo, or the more extensive and well-equipped beaches of Lacona, Lido and Margidore.

The Museum System in Capoliveri

Point of Interest
Museums Gioielli femminili, Museo del Mare, Capoliveri
Museums museo della vecchia officina di Capoliveri, isola d'Elba

The Vecchia Officina (“Old Workshop”) Museum

industrial archaeology, History, Minerals